Here at Cantec, we are committed to;

Conducting our operations in compliance with relevant environmental laws, regulations, and community expectations; Educating our employees and clients on their environmental responsibilities and ensuring that they are integrated into work practices, training, and decision making.

Identifying and managing the environmental risks within our operations and applying best practice principles to improve our impact on the environment;

Identifying opportunities to educate and promote environmental sustainability to our employees, contractors, and clients. All the equipment we provide is manufactured to the highest standards of World class Manufacturing including Develop, UTAX, Canon and Konica-Minolta.

Our machines are manufactured with recycled plastics and materials where possible.

Soaring Energy Costs

The continuing rise in energy costs is of great concern to all. Here at Cantec, we want to make sure our clients are aware of the value in having machines supplied by us, that are efficient, environmentally friendly, frugal, and cost saving.

With that in mind, we only supply copiers/printers that meet these needs. Low power consumption is paramount, without compromising on the productivity of the office. This is why we always review client’s systems up to a 5-year cycle. With the advances in technology, it may make sense to look at upgrading your copier/printer to take advantage of where savings can be met.

However, and where possible, we look to complete the green factor of making the equipment last up to twice as long, thus, halving any Co2 cost of replacing it along with its overall Green Footprint, whilst saving you on its replacement cost. We ensure all our major brands are meeting the standards set out by achieving ‘Energy Star – US Award’ and/ or Blue Angel – German Award’. 

You can be assured that they are delivering cost-saving energy efficiency solutions that protect the climate while improving air quality and protecting public health. If your current machine is 5 years or older, please chat with us to see how much you can save, both in cost and the environment. 

Thank you from Brother for being at our side

Since 2004, Brother customers have returned 40 million used Brother toner cartridges, 100% of which have been remanufactured or recycled, with absolutely nothing ending up in landfill. That is a promise we have made, and kept since 2013.

Due to our market leading processes, we are able to fully remanufacture 86% of the empty toner cartridges we receive back. That means, thanks to you, we have remanufactured enough waste to stretch from our Recycling Technology Centre in Wales, to our Headquarters in Nagoya, Japan, stopping over 1,150 tonnes of material ending up in landfill every, single, year!

And with you by our side, we are just getting started. 

40 million cartridges and counting...

Each machine is eco-labelled by the Blue Angel award. Machines are assessed individually and awarded the Blue Angel Award for minimal environmental impact, recyclability and low health risk. Another element of the Blue Angel Award is the energy rating, all units also hold the Energy Star award. This is based on the energy used (or efficiency and energy not wasted). New Fuser-type Technology with an instant heat feature to fuse toners reduces the time and energy needed to process a job. In fact, each of our machines save enough on Electricity per month to pay for their own rental cost. For more information, please visit Blue Angel Award.

Print Audit develops print tracking, auditing software and hardware solutions that assist organisations in reducing both their environmental impact as well as their printing costs. Print Audit's products have proven to have substantial environmental benefits. With the assistance of Print Audit, Print Audit customers have helped save over 90,000 trees every year - approximately enough trees to fill Central Park four times over!

Energy Star (trademarked ENERGY STAR) is a program run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) that promotes energy efficiency. The program provides information on the energy consumption of products and devices using different standardized methods. The Energy Star label is found on more than 75 different certified product categories, homes, commercial buildings, and industrial plants. In the United States, the Energy Star label is also shown on the Energy Guide appliance label of qualifying products. For more information, please visit Energy Star Award.

Our remanufacturing story so far

  • Zero waste to landfill since 2013
  • Toner cartridges remanufactured or recycled
  • Carbon neutral European based factories

What happens to your returned toner cartridges?

Ever wondered what we do with toner cartridges when you send them back? Each one goes through a 150-stage process to ensure each remanufactured cartridge is delivered back to you, the same quality as new.

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